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SansOx in North Carelian Newspaper Karjalainen

A North Carelian regional newspaper Karjalainen wrote an article about SansOx and our journey in water business around the world.

 Our target is to improve the water quality at all stages of natural water circulation. Today SansOx offers an easy, quick and fast way of adding gasses like air, oxygen, ozone etc. as well as water treatment chemicals into water and total solutions based on this. There are over 100 SansOx solutions around the world treating water in about 20 countries.

 The journey started by providing solutions for cleaning water in fisheries and now we continue the work with treating potable water, waste water and natural water bodies in Asia, Middle East and Europe.

 Our deliveries include solutions for removing dissolved gasses and other substances from water. Pharmaceutical residues are easily removed with OxTube, the basis of our technology and with Oxtube you tackle radon as well. Improving and rejuvenating of natural ponds, lakes and rivers is the also high on our agenda. Even in Finland, where lakes and ponds are usually in good shape, starts to appear lakes that have 0 mg/l of Dissolved Oxygen. Our solution, LakeOx, can improve the situation significantly and rejuvenate the water in the lake or pond again. 

But our big dream is that we could provide solutions for potable water and make the tap water drinkable everywhere in the world. Unfortunately, we cannot make new water but we can always improve the quality of it. 

The whole article is avaiable in Finnish at pages of Karjalainen.


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