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The Story

Welcome to get to know our history and the path that has brought us here

Wansox employers celebrating a winning of an competition

Our roots

SansOx's origins trace back to hydro power plants, initially driven by the vision of enhancing small and medium-sized hydroelectric plants with innovative technology to mitigate CO2 emissions and combat climate change. However, it became apparent in the early stages that solely generating power from water flow was not economically viable. Consequently, we recognized the potential to increase attractiveness by incorporating aeration into the system.

As a result, our focus shifted away from the energy aspect, and we streamlined our portfolio to solely encompass aeration systems. This strategic pivot allowed us to leverage our expertise effectively and address the pressing need for enhanced water treatment and management solutions.

The name SansOx 

Originally named Happihyrrä Oy, our company's roots reflect our focus on water and oxygen. We rebranded to Sanso, a Japanese term for oxygen and water's essence. Regulatory requirements led to the addition of an "X" to the name, sparking playful interpretations like "Sans" in French for "without" and "Ox" for oxygen. While our initial turbine project remained on the drawing board, our focus shifted to developing OxTube, a groundbreaking product for dissolving gases into water. This journey underscores our dedication to innovative water treatment solutions.

Early SansOx prototype


The initial prototype was developed and tested in Kokkola, Finland, with the aim of removing iron from surface water. While successful in this regard, a challenge emerged: the rapid precipitation led to the formation of iron flocks in the distribution channel instead of the flotation cell, posing a dilemma regarding flock collection. Nevertheless, this phase served as a proof of technology.

Following this, OxTube was introduced to the market and received recognition as the best innovation product in the water industry in Europe by WSSTP (Water Europe today) in 2014. Sansox was further honored as the best Aeration company in 2015 by several other authorities, and SaoxFuge achieved the same accolade in 2015. IroxFlotation also received recognition as the runner-up at Aquatech 2017.

Subsequently, we recognized the importance of focus for a startup company and decided to concentrate solely on OxTube and its various applications. However, these other innovations remain on standby for future opportunities.


International business

In our second achievement, we assisted a client in reducing calcium levels in their wastewater, offering the potential to either recycle the water back into the process or lower the expenses associated with discharging wastewater into the city sewage system. This involved the dissolution of CO2, resulting in a successful sale. Our client, a multinational enterprise with over 50 factories worldwide facing similar challenges, showcased the potential for widespread impact. Unfortunately, before we could advance further, the client underwent acquisition, halting our progress. Nevertheless, this experience provided valuable insights, particularly in pH control.


International business has been integral to SansOx, especially in regions where water resources are scarce or contaminated. The arduous task of treating water for various applications underscores its significant value. Despite efforts, a vast portion of wastewater still returns to nature untreated, motivating our entry into regions like Saudi Arabia. Although our initial endeavors with a local agent there yielded promising results initially, the partnership dissolved, hindering our progress in the region.


In addressing these challenges, we sought support from the EU, engaging in programs such as the EU Gateway Program in Vietnam, Japan, and Singapore/Vietnam. Through this initiative, we forged a fruitful partnership with Unique Water in the Philippines. Together, we developed a radon removal solution meeting the drinking water standard of 11 Bq/l. This collaboration has resulted in six successful installations in the Philippines, underscoring our commitment to advancing water treatment solutions globally. We eagerly anticipate further advancements as we continue to expand our reach.

One of the SansOx founders in Korea with Korean men

Expanding throught the Gateway Programme

Later, we engaged with companies in Chile and Vietnam, focusing on fish farming. Our initial success with Carelian Caviar in Finland led us to explore ozone applications. OxTube's ability to dissolve ozone water effectively eradicated bacteria and viruses in fish farming pools, ensuring pristine water quality. However, the emergence of Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS) posed challenges in convincing fish farmers of OxTube's benefits, despite efforts in Norway, Chile, and Vietnam.


As fish farming proved elusive, we diversified our pursuits, seeking new partnerships through programs like the Gateway program. Yet, despite sporadic sales, consistent success remained elusive, impeding funding and scalability.


Participation in a competition in Korea brought recognition, and a joint venture was initiated, but the onset of Covid-19 disrupted progress. The pandemic severely impacted our ventures in Korea, India, and China, hindering hands-on operations crucial for business development.


While exploring opportunities in fish farms globally, we collaborated with a company in Dubai to treat anaerobic desert lakes, yielding promising results but no closed deals. Additionally, we targeted the pulp and paper industry, conducting tests for various issues like H2S reduction and wastewater treatment improvement. Although results were promising, securing sales remains pending.

Technical solution of Sansox for waste water treatment

Nature Rejuvenation

After exploring various avenues, we've refocused on our Dubai projects, now termed "nature rejuvenation." With a successful case in India, we're poised to make progress in Dubai and potentially Finland. Our system's ability to effectively eliminate algae positions us to contribute to the restoration of the Baltic Sea and its coastline.


Moreover, let's not forget our core business area: potable water. Our solutions offer superior performance at a lower cost compared to competitors, thanks to OxTube technology. We can improve existing pump stations and build new ones, providing reliable drinking water infrastructure.

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