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Glasses of Water


Unique Water, Philippines

In collaboration with our partner, Unique Water, in the Philippines, we have supplied radon removal units to five potable water pumping stations. The Philippines maintains a radon limit for water at 11 Bq/l, significantly lower than several European countries where this limit is comparatively higher. For instance, in Finland, radon limits range between 300 and 400 Bq/l. While radon ranks as the second leading cause of lung cancer, the associated risks are relatively low.


SansOx offers a solution known as RadOx, comprising a combination of Booster, OxTube, and GasRemox. Booster and OxTube effectively strip radon and the radon-air mixture from the water, which are then separated via GasRemox. Depending on the pumping station's location, collected radon can either be contained or released into the air.

Lake Rejuvenation at
Sukhrali pond in Haryana, India

In India, the state of natural water systems has deteriorated significantly over the years. While Indian rivers were relatively healthy in the mid-1990s, the current situation is dire. In response, SansOx, in collaboration with our Indian partner, has initiated efforts to rejuvenate lakes, aiming to transform them from neglected areas into vibrant recreational spaces characterized by clear, odor-free water and scenic walking trails.


One such project commenced in the village of Sukhrali, located in the Haryana state. The initial phase involved halting the inflow of untreated water into the pond and cleaning the surrounding banks. Subsequently, aeration of the water using OxTubes was initiated. This process involved pumping water through OxTubes to dissolve air into the water, thereby increasing dissolved oxygen (DO) levels. Concurrently, natural enzyme treatment was employed to facilitate the movement of solids from the pond's bottom to the surface. These solids were then collected and further treated to purify the water. Continuous aeration with OxTubes ensures ongoing water clarity and cleanliness.


SansOx and Elixiir, our Indian partner, have established a maintenance contract to uphold the clarity of the pond water. While our efforts are underway at additional lakes, we recognize the vast potential for similar improvements in water bodies worldwide.

Siuntio, Finland

In one of the pumping stations located in Siuntio, a notable issue arose. Two adjacent wells presented distinct water quality challenges: excessive iron content in one, and low pH levels due to dissolved carbon dioxide (CO2) in the other. While chemical treatment offered a partial solution, the management of Siuntio Water aimed to minimize chemical intervention. At this juncture, SansOx emerged as a viable solution provider.

SansOx proposed a comprehensive remedy capable of simultaneously addressing both issues. This solution entailed the integration of OxTube into the pipelines of both wells. Compressed air was introduced into each line during water extraction, effectively precipitating dissolved iron and stripping CO2, thereby elevating the water's pH. The extracted CO2 was subsequently eliminated using GasRemox, another product from SansOx. Additionally, SansOx included sand filters in their solution to effectively filter out precipitated iron.

The successful implementation of this solution has notably enhanced water quality for the local spa and residents of Siuntio. Such efficacy garnered significant recognition, prompting the Siuntio community to engage SansOx for similar challenges encountered at another pumping station requiring renovation to mitigate iron contamination.

Finnspring, Finland

Finnspring encountered challenges with their wastewater management, stemming from the diverse sources contributing to their wastewater stream. Variations in water quality from these sources posed difficulties for their treatment system. SansOx intervened by implementing the ClariOx system within the collection drain, offering a solution to this dilemma.


The ClariOx system not only facilitated aeration of the drain water but also achieved homogenization, crucial for streamlining treatment processes given the significant disparities among water from different sources. Consequently, the wastewater treatment system attained improved efficiency in purifying the water.

SansOx's solution package encompassed OxTube, hoses, a bucket, and a submersible pump, ensuring a comprehensive approach to addressing the wastewater management challenge at Finnspring.

Ekokymppi, Kajaani, Finland

Ekokymppi operates a sorting station serving the Kajaani area, where incoming materials undergo recycling or further processing. However, the water mixture from storm drains and waste necessitates treatment before discharge into the environment. While Ekokymppi boasts a sophisticated treatment system, issues arose during the regeneration phase.


The original system failed to achieve adequate levels of dissolved oxygen (DO), hampering optimal system performance. SansOx intervened by introducing OxTube, significantly enhancing the dissolution of oxygen and air within the mixture. This improvement reduced the gas requirement to attain the requisite DO level, thereby optimizing the regeneration process.


Recognizing the effectiveness of OxTube, Ekokymppi procured an additional unit to treat water in one of the drains. This second installation served to both homogenize the water and aerate it, mitigating the formation of H2S and ensuring continued operational efficiency.

Minesite in Finland

In abandoned mines, water removal is a critical challenge due to the presence of dissolved minerals, particularly a significant concentration of iron. Addressing the removal of iron is pivotal, as its elimination would facilitate the subsequent removal of other minerals. Presently, iron removal is managed through multiple small pools designed to precipitate and extract the iron.


SansOx offers a solution known as the Vertical Flow Reactor (VFR), developed in collaboration with LUT and Christoph Walkersdorfer. The VFR incorporates OxTube technology to precipitate iron, which is then efficiently filtered using sand filters. SansOx not only provides OxTube as part of the comprehensive solution but also offers the complete VFR system.


In several instances in mine operations, the formation of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) poses a challenge. Given that H2S forms under anaerobic conditions, OxTube serves a dual purpose: preventing H2S formation and effectively neutralizing any formed H2S. The accompanying image depicts a small-scale solution implemented at a mine site in Finland, demonstrating significantly enhanced precipitation compared to previous methods.