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SansOx together with the partners, one of the winners this year’s The Baltic Sea Project

The Baltic Sea Project, initiated by the Bank of Åland, encourages organisations to generate fresh ideas aimed at enhancing the Baltic Sea's well-being. Through funding promising initiatives the project actively works towards improving the Baltic Sea's condition.

This year the consortium containing the City of Salo, Finnish Institute of Health and Welfare, the Savonia university of Applied Science and SansOx was one of the funded winners. The awarded project is to study how pharmaceutical residues could be removed from discharge water by dissolving ozone into discharge water and to remove the harmful microbes from the discharge water. The third dimension in the study is that as ozone is dissolved through OxTube, a product that dissolved the gas in this case ozone into the water in very efficient manner, the ozone residues are minimal but the dissolved oxygen in the discharge water is high. The study will provide info also how does the higher dissolved oxygen affect the water quality around the discharge area. The outcome of the project are results from all above-mentioned dimensions, but also academic articles will be written.

It is important to start doing something for this issue as the countries around the Baltic Sea discharge in average of 1,8 million kg of pharmaceutical residues to the Sea. At the same time big areas of the Baltic Sea suffer from lack of dissolved oxygen and by increasing the dissolved oxygen in the discharge water with OxTube even without any extra energy, the water quality of some areas of the Baltic Sea could be improved.

See more about the solution, PharmOx, at our website 


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