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Splash of Water



Oxtube solution, metal pipe

SansOx OxTube is a modular solution that can be retrofitted, easily removed, cleaned and installed in many stages of the water treatment process.


OxTube can be integrated into any water flow system of fresh water processing and waste water treatment, where the OxTube provides systems with the comprehensive oxygenation and aeration. Studies and pilot cases have shown that the OxTube oxygenates water more rapidly and energy efficient when compared with existing systems.


OxTube can be applied with various treatment plants and natural water flows. Investment costs are relatively low.

Product Highlights

  • Fastest way to dissolve gas into liquid

  • High dissolving of gas into liquid

  • Effective mixing

  • Efficient PH control

  • Can be installed into existing pipeline

  • Easy to install

  • Can aerate the liquid even without external energy

  • Modular design – can be built according to the customer requirements

  • Small foot print area needed

Customer benefits

  • Fast reaction time

  • Small foot print needed. Can be installed vertically as well.

  • Can aerate the water even without eternal energy

  • PH control fast and efficient way

'OxTube Integrated Water Clarification for Removal of Pharmaceutical

Residues and Disinfection' By Juhani Pylkkänen, 2021

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