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Pharmaceutical and virus % bacteria removal

Pharmaceutical and virus & bacteria removal

In cases where surface water is used as raw water to potable water, PharmOx is good solution to keep raw water quality at required level. Today most of the pharmaceutical residues go through wastewater treatment plant and end up to the natural water systems. This means that the raw water has to be treated to remove the pharmaceutical residues from the raw water.


PharmOx consists of OxTube and ozonegenerator that can be put into a container or as a separate unit. OxTube’s dissolving power is very effective and the dissolving takes place fast, so there is no need for reaction tanks etc. This efficient reaction power of OxTube makes the ozone to react with pharmaceutical residues and the molecule connections in them are broken. The efficient dissolving also enables that less ozone is needed and this means that the ozone residues are less than with other technologies.


Ozone works well in removing the bacteria and virus from the surface water. OxTube dissolves ozone into the water very efficient way. This means 100 % removal of bacteria and virus from the water with small amount of ozone residues.

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