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Text increasing of DO in the fish farming

Increasing DO in the fish farming

Dey land fish farming (RAS) is increasing around the world as the water bodies do not produce enough fish to the growing population. The problem often is that fish population is maximized for the amount of the water. This creates a problem that there is not enough DO in the water for the fish to survive or grow fast. Additional oxidation or aeration is needed. SansOx’s FishOx can provide a solution that helps the first grow faster and become stronger and prevents the fish deaths. The gases that have been used with FishOx are air, oxygen and ozone. The good thing with FishOx is that is can reach good results already with air and oxygen is not always needed. The reason for this is that the air is not dissolved with pressure. Naturally oxygen is utilized as well because the increase in the DO is so significantly more that air and the DO value is much higher. Ozone can be used to clean water from bacteria and virus and at the same time increase the DO in water.

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