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Text COD and BOD removal

COD and BOD removal

Waste water quality is usually measured with COD or BOD amount and the requirements are to be lower than this amount of COD or BOD. Aeration is used to reduce COD and BOD during the treatment process. OxTube provides very efficient way to dissolve air to the water every time the water moves inside of pipes. OxTube utilizes the energy of the flowing water and dissolves air into water. Fast COD/BOD utilizes the additional DO in the water and this will then reduce the COD/BOD value. If additional aeration is needed, ClariOx solution can aerate water in ponds or tanks. In ClariOx OxTube is combined with pump and hoses and may be additional valves. ClariOx is easy to move from one location to another, so in case the location where the DO is too low, ClariOx provides great solution. It is also very efficient way to dissolve gases into the water.

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