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text Golf courseäs water hazard

Golf course water hazard

SansOx's GolfOx helps keep the water in the water hazard in better condition. In it, air is dissolved to the water and thereby the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water is increased. This, in turn, prevents the release of various gases from the bottom of the water hazard. Often the water also becomes clearer when the increased amount of dissolved oxygen (air)causes chemical reactions. By increasing the amount of dissolved oxygen, it is also possible to prevent the formation of various algae in the water. Compared to other technologies, GolfOx can also work in a very low water debt. A ladybug or golf ball cover can be installed on top of the GolfOx and make the water barrier a pleasant part of the golf course. GolfOx is assembled in a steel barrel with a submersible pump is installed inside, which pumps water from the water hazard through OxTube, where the air dissolves in the water flowing through. Then the water returns to the water barrier. The only things that are located on the beach are the electrical plug and the air hose. The good thing about GolfOx is that it can also work under the ice in winter and thus ensure that the water in the water barrier is in better condition in winter and thanks to this also in spring.

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