The SaOxfuge


The SaoxFuge is a specifc separator, in which a spiral tube leads the liquid into spiral fow that provides suffcient centrifugal force to a sediment organization of the components. It separates liquids and solids to different layers based on gravity and density of different particles and ingredients. The outlet tube skims away the desired heavier material layer, to be treated separately.


SansOx’s SaoxFuge provides efficient separation of particles with minimal energy consumption. The spiral separator separates solids out of the liquid. Its separation efficiency is based on centrifugal force and sediment effect that depends on the liquid viscosity and the specific gravity difference. The liquid flows a spiral path among the SaoxFuge tube and a strong centrifugal force is created. The centrifugal acceleration depends on the flow speed and curve radius, it could be up to 1 000 G. The liquid flow in the SaoxFuge can be pressurized up to 10 bar that makes the flow smoother, and reasonable high flow speed and centrifugal force are possible.

According to several studies it is easier to separate particles like various metals from water that is well pretreated, e.g. oxygenated or/and chemically treated. The spiral separator can be combined with the mixing and dissolving device OxTube.      

Product highlights

Centrifugal force up to 1 00 G
Continuous flow of the liquid to be treated
Separation in the pressurised pipe up to 10 bar

Main customer benefits

Customized solutions in parallel and serial
Direct separation in the pressurised pipe
Fast and continuous separation without stopping the liquid flow
Available kinetic energy of the flow can be used in the most cases
Low energy consumption


SaOxfuge Brochure