K-water, the Korean Water Resource Corporation, has created a forum to work with 8 start-up companies. The target of the forum is develop and introduce these companies technologies to the market and create new, innovative ways to treat the water more cost efficient way. Naturally one major target is also to improve the quality of the water if possible.

The support from K-water to SansOx will last 2 years. It includes joint participation opportunities to various events and projects, technical advisory and management consulting support, a technical test bed and exhibiting jointly at domestic Korean water industry expos and forums.

While SansOx operates in Korea through its Korean partners, the collaboration with K-water is a good chance to gain exposure to the main water market player in the country. SansOx is especially excited about the mutual project opportunities and test bed, whereby it is possible to gain reference cases in Korea. This should provide SansOx fuel to the Korean expansion through the partners, as these piloting and reference cases can be shown to new customers. The collaboration is also a good chance to learn about the main pain points in water quality and treatment in the country.

“We are very happy to be partners with Kwater. The collaboration is an excellent chance to work closely with the government here in Korea. Our plan is to work together with Kwater to gain new references and knowledge of the local market. This collaboration will ensure that the water quality in Korea will remain high and be even better in the future.” - Sampsa Siitonen, CEO of SansOx Asia

K-water, the Korea Water Resources Corporation is a government institution in Korea which main duties are construction, operation, and management of facilities for the comprehensive use and development of water resources, construction and management of metropolitan waterworks (including industrial waterworks) facilities, development of industrial complexes and special-purpose zones, contracted-out operation of local waterworks and sewage & construction, operation, and management of renewable energy facilities.